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Oh....it's the useless one who thinks she created me.

About time you fucking got off your ass and paid attention to me. You think I give a crap about your little hobby characters. That's all they are you know. When you tire of the little fandoms and realize your life is so pathetic you can't stand it anymore, you'll come crawling back and go on about how I'm your favorite. Always have been, always will be. Can't really blame you either, I am...well...me.  And speaking of getting off your ass, you signed up for nano, do something already. It's pathetic. You haven't even worked on your original stuff in how long now? Are we too good to create our own little world now that we have to play with other peoples? You're worthless. 

And if you fucking make me me hug one more whiny angel or be friends with some pathetic mortal I will give you nightmares. And we can do without the ass clown.
Pick one.
All your characters ass clowns.
Mortals. Even as I speak that word I feel as if I have just said a curse. Mortals are responsible for my dethroning...for my fall from grace.

Truthfully, I supose I am responsible for my fall from grace...though, I was never graceful in the religious sense to begin with. I guess when you fuck a nun then try and kill her and your own half-breed son, one isn't looking to get into heaven.

No...I supose I am looking to get back into hell. My hell. The only Mortals there are the damned ones that will be at my tender care. Every last one of them who comes to me, will pay for what was done to me. Will pay for this mortal soul and the heart they have given me.

Though no mortal will hold my affections more then my lovely hellcat, who is no doubt dancing with the angels where I cannot reach. Fuck...I am thinking far too much again. This damned human soul...

Memories seem to burn more with it. The time and creatures that I have known in my life seem to hold a greater deal of importance then they used to. One would think I would be able to deal with this...but 100 and some odd years with a human soul for a demon prince who's patience is beginging to wear thin....even I have my limits.

I really miss not giving a flying fuck.

Though in all my centuries upon earth, I have not found a place quite like Purgatory...and I must admitt..
It it intoxicating.
This Hika is an intresting character, one I must watch carefully. Any enemy of the bitch is an ally of mine, but friends I have none. I do not want to fall in debt to a creature again...only to have it bite me in the ass later. If too much of the demon world gets wind of where I am...those alligned with Lilith with seek to destroy me. Better to make my allies then enemies now. Diplomatic...always.

Stefan...I quite like this creature...even if he is one of the fallen hug-a-tree yahoos from heaven. If they didn't believe in love and good of man kind, Angels might be okay...for cross-dressing country music loving freaks...which in itself they should be condemned for. And that bright white light...don't they have dimmers on their asses? For love of all that is forsaken, that light always gives me a damned headache. Why the HELL do they think my father fell from there and went into the darkness. It wasn't because he was sulking, I assure you. But I digress..

Stefan is not one of them, and for that I find him charming. He is the only one in four hundred years to give me a decent game of chess. And for that alone I will make his week with me one he will not soon forget. He'll learn why noblemen and women were throwing themselves at my feet, what the meaning of true pleasure through pain is.
There is a reason I am the feared prince of hell...
And it just isn't from blood.



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